AppChallenge and the UK Data Service have selected the European Quality of Life Survey from Dublin based Eurofound as the dataset of choice to run their Open Data App Challenge. The EQLS survey takes places across Europe, including candidate countries like Turkey and Iceland, every four years and provides a unique insight into how people feel about a range of issues including:

  • Well Being e.g. satisfaction and happiness
  • Living Standards e.g. financial situation and standard of living
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Family & Social Life e.g. Satisfaction, sources of support and household structure
  • Housing & Local Environment e.g. Affordability
  • Public Services e.g. Healthcare and Education
  • Quality of Society e.g. Trust in people

The Eurofound data will be reworked for use by developers including automatic weighting within the API. The UK Data Service will also make the resulting data set available for download under open data license. The team are hoping to get an assessment of expert status from the Open Data Institute, which will be the first time for a major research organisation. The contest will launch on July 1st 2015 and will be called #EULife.