In the first of our new series we talk to Philip Hardwick, a developer from the United Kingdom who recently entered the #EULife AppChallenge. Philip’s entry “30 Day Impact” was commended by the judges winning him £500.

How did you find out about the #EULife App Challenge?

I found out about the competition from the app challenge mailing list since I have entered a competition before this one called Careerhack in which I won the young person’s coding prize.

Why did you enter the #EULife AppChallenge?

I entered because I enjoy prototyping and challenging myself to be creative with my ideas. I like the ability of being able to to turn an idea into a demonstrable app in a short time, showing how flexible technology is but also challenging myself to become better at prototyping.

What did you think to the open data we provided?

The open data is interesting, I didn’t think I found anything surprising in there from the answers but I liked the questions that were asked. The fact that the data touched on issues that are inter-personal, deep, social issues gives the developing of consuming applications more possibility for impact. The data was easily accessible through the API (due to the design work done on it everything was as you would expect).

[Editor’s note: We appreciate the thumbs up on the API!]

Where are you working at the moment?

I’m working for Capgemini currently as a Java software developer.

You also won a prize in another of our contests called #Careerhack about jobs data. What difference did that make to you?

The prize for #CareerHack made a massive difference to me, materialistically and financially I have been able to put down a deposit for a house with the prize money, but in other terms I’ve gone on to take part in professional hackathons and it’s improved my confidence.

Watch a video of his app and let us know what you think!