Deepak Bhatia won the 3rd place prize with his app TopicCast in the #EULife Open Data AppChallenge. We caught up with him to find out more.

How did you find out about the competition?

I’m on the AppChallenge mailing list so I saw the contest in the newsletter. (Editor: If you want to join our mailing list just fill out your details on the form to the right of this page).

Why did you enter?

I was interested in pushing myself against a deadline to complete the project. I also wanted to test the idea of relevance of fine grained quality of life data in the European Union against the coverage of news for various topics

What does it mean to win a prize?

Being selected has also convinced me that this approach to data science could be the basis of new innovative products for journalism and that could help me to form a start-up to work in this area.

What did you think to the data?

Firstly, amazing! The level of granularity was great. It also covered the worst period of the financial crisis so that made it interesting to look at as well.