Tomasz Mendak is an app developer from Poland and his entry “Life Meter” was commended by the judges in the EULife AppChallenge. We caught up with him to find out more.

How did you find out about the Competition?

I saw your competition advertised on ChallengeRocket which is a website for developers in Eastern Europe. Instantly I felt that I liked the idea and wanted to get involved.

Why did you enter?

I knew that open data like this could make my app more interesting and give it the “human factor”. Besides that there is something exciting about open competitions. I’m used to working on apps in an office and a competition like the EULife AppChallenge are interesting because different people across the world work on their ideas and you see so many different solutions.

I also liked the fact that government organisational data has been released for developers to make something from. That gives us a chance to create something valuable for our society and it’s good to see things working this way.

What did you think to the data?

It’s great you’re putting this out as open data that is universally available and trying to inspire the developer community to make use of it. There was a lot of data there and to be honest, I didn’t have time to discover everything within the data but I will be taking a second look! Good open data can come from so many sources but with EULife we have a great start on European Quality of Life.