Over the past twelve weeks we’ve been running a competition with new open data that we’ve helped to produce with the UK Data Service from Eurofound called the European Quality of Life Survey. We’re delighted to announce the #EULife AppChallenge winners.

The #EULife AppChallenge crowdsourced app ideas from developers across the world with entries from countries including India, Sweden, Serbia, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Poland, the United Kingdom and even New Zealand. We made nine prizes available with a prize fund of £15,000. Thank you to our judges from Google, Open Data Institute, UK Data Service, Royal Statistical Society, Hack & Craft, Digital Catapult, DSRPTN and the data owner Eurofound . Each judge used our objective method of scoring and were told only the name of the entrant and shown their video. You can read more about the judging criteria here.

Ralph Cochrane, Founder of AppChallenge said “The #EULife AppChallenge has helped to break down many barriers both in social attitudes to Europe and the use of Open Data. The UK Data Service saw that by working with the AppChallenge developer community they could harness new thinking and help to accelerate their innovation programme. Whether you’re from Finland or France, the same issues matter and I hope this opendata helps people understand that a little better in the future.”

1st Place Winner & Young Person’s Prize

EU Connected Quizzes by Tomek Kwiatkowski from Poland, Aged 18 years old


2nd Place

Citizens Europe by Lyall Davies and the Eskimo Media & Tech team from the United Kingdom

3rd Place

TopicCast by Deepak Bhatia from Poland.

Commended by the Judges

EU Fun Stats by Nebojsa Kamber from Serbia

Euro Hero by Milady Capitain and team from the United Kingdom (Young Persons)

30 day Impact by Philip Hardwick from the United Kingdom (Young Person)

Life Meter by Tomasz Mendak from Poland

EUConnect  by  Leon Kukuk from Germany (Young Person)


Watch all the entries on Youtube