We’ve run a lot of competitions over the years. It’s true, there aren’t enough women working in software development so when we heard that a pair of 17 year old female coders from London had been commended in one of our competitions, we went along to meet them to show that girls can code too.

The #EULife AppChallenge was won by Polish developer Tomek Kwiatkowski. Our process is as objective as we can make it. We have multiple judges who typically rate videos of your app entries from the comfort of their own offices or homes, we use online forms and automatically calculate the leaderboard. We try not to have any bias about your entries.  We’re just interested in the idea. That being said, it’s noticeable that at least 80% of our community are male, reflecting a wider challenge in the software development world.

We caught up with our client, Louise Corti from the UK Data Service and two students from Barking & Dagenham College in East London. Milady Capitan and Jessie Johns were commended in the #EULife AppChallenge for their entry, Euro Hero , proving that girls can code too!

You can watch all the winning app videos here on our Youtube channel.