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Our Work



  • Help data owners to create open data
  • Build the first UKDS Open Data API
  • Crowdsource apps using the open data

We worked closely with the UK Data Service to identify three datasets that we felt could be interesting to developers if they were made available as open data. Eventually we narrowed this down to working with Eurofound in Dublin, Ireland to open up the European Quality of Life Survey (2007 & 2011) via an API which we designed with the UK Data Service team. The EULife AppChallenge was run with £15,000 in prizes to encourage developers around the world to use the open data made available.

The data that we’ve opened up shows how people across Europe in 2007 and 2011 felt about:

  • Well Being e.g. satisfaction and happiness
  • Living Standards e.g. financial situation and standard of living
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Family & Social Life e.g. Satisfaction, sources of support and household structure
  • Housing & Local Environment e.g. Affordability
  • Public Services e.g. Healthcare and Education
  • Quality of Society e.g. Trust in people


Visit to see the results.


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