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Glisser App




Create Android app based on iPhone version


Used AppChallenge expert developer network
Connected Glisser to team in Poland
Delivered first Android version on time and to budget


When Mike Piddock, the founder of Glisser,  first approached us about his new iPhone app, little did we know it would spark a whole new line of business for AppChallenge, helping people to port their iPhone apps to Android and other platforms.

Glisser is a presentation app with a difference. The audience can participate. As their tagline says “Let’s rid the world of boring presentations”. Their video explains how they enable audience feedback, interactive voting and all sorts of other cool features.

Moving from iPhone to Android is not as easy as it seems. It’s not just that they run on different operating systems, Apple has a much more tightly controlled ecosystem and they produce good tools to help developers. Android is like arriving at the bazaar. There are devices of all shapes and sizes, which on the one hand is great if you want to custom design a new device, but for app developers can be a nightmare. On top of that the libraries and methods for detecting events are different so it requires a different set of skills.

AppChallenge would be nothing if it wasn’t for  it’s community of app developers so we worked with Glisser to connect them with an expert developer group in Poland and the rest, as they say is history. Glisser is available on both iPhone and Android. There’s also a responsive web version.

Download Glisser and try it out for your next presentation


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